January 2023 Face of Great Futures

Raylyn is a 4th grader at Evans Elementary and has been a part of the Boys & Girls Club family since 1st grade. Her favorite thing about Club is that she gets to do a lot of fun activities, like mat ball, soccer and dodgeball in the gym. Raylyn also enjoys spending time in the art room depending on the art project, and especially loves creating art with melty beads. Her favorite thing to learn in school is math, while her least favorite is science. Raylyn shared that when she grows up, she would like to work in a school setting with kids who have learning disabilities.

When Raylyn is not at school or Club, she loves to spend her time watching the show “Wednesday”, playing with Legos, drawing, jumping on trampolines, and playing outside games like tag or hide-and-seek with friends who live in her neighborhood. Raylyn lives with her mom, stepdad, 2 year old brother, aunt, and a few of her cousins. At home, she also has a dog named King and a cat named Whiskers. 

Raylyn shared that she is good at listening, drawing, riding a bike, roller skating/blading, soccer, basketball, and running; basically just sports in general. FUN FACT: Raylyn is involved in Girls on the Run and can’t wait for this year’s season to begin! She added that although she is good at a lot of things, including ignoring people when they say mean things, she is NOT so good at having patience. Raylyn is happiest when it’s dark outside, but only because the sun hurts her eyes. 

Raylyn loves to eat spaghetti (sometimes with meatballs and sometimes without) because “I just love noodles!”, and her favorite color is green because she really likes camping. She added that her family has gone camping up north many times and she has visited all sorts of different places. She even has her very own tent to sleep in! Raylyn shared that her favorite place to visit is Mt. Olympus in Wisconsin Dells. Her favorite memories from Mt. Olympus are going on a waterslide called “Medusa” and swimming in the wave pool. If she could go anywhere in the world, Raylyn would travel to Hawaii, because “I love swimming!”

Raylyn stated that if she had three wishes, they would be to 1) have the power of telekinesis so she could move things with her mind, 2) become a billionaire, and 3) have a family of her own someday. Raylyn has learned that “you should always be kind.” Her advice for younger kids at Club is to “just be yourself and be kind; people will like you for who you are if they are a true friend.”

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