We are in the midst of a period of time where it can be extremely difficult to be a child or teenager in America. Children of today are struggling with poverty, unstructured family environments, social media bullying and the pressure to succeed in an incredibly fast-paced world.

At the Boys & Girls Club of Fond du Lac, we strive to make sure the time children spend with us is amazing! We want the Club to be a safe zone… a respite from the many things that cause them stress in their every day lives.

Please join our Board of Directors and dedicated staff team in supporting the Great Futures Campaign. Let’s let the youth in Fond du Lac know that our community cares deeply about them, and that we will support them in reaching their full potential. Together, as partners, we will change the lives of youth in Fond du Lac. As always, let’s remembers the GREAT FUTURES START HERE!

—Dan Hebel, CEO

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