August 2021 Face of Great Futures

Kedarrius is 8 years old and going into 3rd grade at Riverside Elementary this fall. He was born in Chicago and lives in Fond du Lac with his mom and their 1 year old cat named “Precious”. Kedarrius added that he has an 18 year old brother who also lives in Fond du Lac. 

This is Kedarrius’ first summer as a Boys & Girls Club member and he is attending the Theisen Club site. He stated that he really enjoys it because “we always have fun and if I have a bad day, I know I can come to the Boys & Girls Club and it just makes my whole day better.” He added that he would rate the Club as a 10 out of 10! Kedarrius shared that some of his favorite activities to participate in at Club are learning math, working on his reading skills, creating with “melty beads”, going out for recess, playing Gaga Ball, and going for walks in the nature center behind Theisen. A couple of his most memorable Club moments from this summer are being able to attend the Dock Spiders baseball game and going swimming twice. He loves swimming, especially when it’s SO hot outside. 

Kedarrius stated that he likes school even though reading is kind of challenging for him; he added that he is reading a lot at home to get better at it and also practicing writing in cursive because it’s really hard and he wants to get good at it! When asked what he’d like to be when he grows up, Kedarrius stated that he is going to be a basketball star like LeBron James and Michael Jordan. He practices basketball every Friday and all weekend to achieve this goal!

In his spare time, Kedarrius enjoys playing games with people, solving math problems, and doing activities on his iPad. Kedarrius stated that his favorite food is hot wings, because “they are SO HOT but SO GOOD!” His favorite colors are red, blue, and purple, and if he had three wishes, they would be: 1) Boys & Girls Club would never end, 2) to have an unlimited amount of money so he could give some to the Boys & Girls Club, and 3) to wish for more wishes, and then give them away to other people who could use them. What a caring young man!

Kedarrius shared that he has been to Augusta, Georgia, and Wisconsin Dells; his favorite thing about both destinations were the hotels he stayed in because they had swimming pools and if you remember from earlier in this article, he LOVES swimming when it’s hot out! Kedarrius added that he has also been to the Mineshaft and had a lot of fun playing in the arcade. He hopes to go there again soon.

When asked if he has any advice for younger Boys & Girls Club members, Kedarrius stated that he would tell them “Try to be respectful and responsible, don’t be mean, and if you get upset, take a deep breath or take a break and relax.” Great advice, Kedarrius!

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