Summer Wrap-Up Highlights

Our eight week summer programs wrapped up on August 14. Although we were a little limited as far as the types of activities we could offer for our youth due to COVID-19 guidelines, those who attended really enjoyed their time at the Club and we call that a HUGE success! Both kids and staff had a great time being able to safely interact with one another and it was amazing to be able to bring some normalcy back into our kids’ lives. Big shout out and “Thank You” one last time to our wonderful friends at The Arc Fond du Lac for welcoming us into your space as a partner site this summer, what a fantastic experience! Here are some highlights from our last few weeks:  

Teen Center

This summer, while different than any other, was an enjoyable one for our teens. It was spent participating in a variety of activities like art, STEM, team-building exercises, puzzles, trivia, music making, air hockey, pool, gym and outdoor activities. Our teen center members were placed into smaller groups that they stayed with all summer long. Together they had fun learning new things and really getting to know one another. They developed friendships with other Club members from different schools and even those that they will be going to school with in the upcoming school year. For our teen staff, this was also an incredible opportunity to focus on building strong supportive relationships with many new Club members we welcomed into our program as well as strengthening the relationships they’ve already built with our older teens. Overall, it was just really great to be able to connect with our youth in person versus virtually. 

Johnsonville Elementary Program

We had an awesome time featuring a “Road Trip” theme to finish up our summer program. Our Club members had a great time traveling around the world through virtual field trips where they enjoyed trips to places like Florida aquariums and the Eiffel tower. They learned so many cool things about these destinations and also had the opportunity to experiment and get creative with some different foods from around the world. They made candy sushi, fairy bread, and quesadillas. It was such a fun way to end the summer!







The Arc Fond du Lac Elementary Program

Club members were given a fun opportunity to let their imaginations run wild as they designed simple structures during our Jr. Architect program. They had a lot of different creative ideas, and learned but using math, art and  problem solving skills to create their one of a kind designs. They were so proud of their work and enjoyed every second of it!