September 2023 Face of Great Futures

Michael (aka MJ) is 6 years old and currently a 1st grader at Roberts Elementary School. This is his first year attending Club and he enjoys it because “we get to go to the gym, play on the playground, have fun, and even paint and play Legos!” He thinks kids come to the Boys & Girls Club because they want to have fun. Michael lives in Fond du Lac with his mom and their dog. He shared that he likes to hang out like a baked potato just watching TV, but sometimes likes to play with his toys too. Michael stated that he feels really proud when his mom says “You’re the smartest boy in the world.”

Michael taking advantage of reading time at Club!

Michael stated that his favorite thing to learn about in school is “animals and stuff”. If he could go anywhere in the world, Michael would visit a place he’s never been to before; either somewhere in Africa or Mexico. He added, “Mexico has an animal which is almost extinct that grows it’s body parts back right away if they somehow get cut off.” He couldn’t remember what the animal was called, but after further research done by Club staff, we think Michael may have been describing an axolotl (pronounced “ax-oh-lot-el”). This unique animal is a Mexican species of salamander also known as a Mexican walking fish. It can regenerate, repair or replace its arms, legs, tail, lower jaw, brain and heart. Super cool!

Michael smiling big in front of the climbing wall!

Michael is good at climbing and running, and added that he is very strong. When asked what he would like to be when he grows up, Michael shared that he would like to become a firefighter. The best thing that’s happened to Michael so far is when he got to go to three really fun places in the same day to celebrate his birthday, which consisted of shopping and buying some toys, going to Dunkin’ Donuts and eating ice cream!

Michael hanging out on the “mountains” with his pal Miguel!

Michael’s favorite food is chicken and his favorite color is red. He stated that if he had three wishes, he would 1) get 100 chicken nuggets from McDonald’s, 2) get 100 french fries from McDonald’s, and 3) go to the “funnest” place in the world! When asked to share something important that he’s learned in life so far, Michael stated “I learned how to tie my shoes. That’s very important!” Lastly, his advice for other Club members is to “always have fun with everything you do at the Boys & Girls Club!”

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