Program Highlights – Springtime Fun!

Everyone knows that April showers bring May flowers, so it’s been a fun month of excitement and anticipation at the Boys & Girls Club!  Not only did we see some pretty sunny days among the cloudy and rainy ones, but we also celebrated Earth Day by planting sunflowers, did a ton of awesome art projects, and tested out a few really cool experiments. ‘Tis the season of growth and blossoming!

One of our very favorite activities from last month carried over into this month, and we’re confident it will continue to be an ongoing favorite; simply getting outside. All the sidewalk chalk art practice is really paying off as our Club members’ creations are becoming even more beautiful with added detail to their designs. Other favorite activities (there have been quite a few!) included celebrating National Grilled Cheese Day, learning about chemical reactions by mixing ingredients together and guessing which cookies sink or float during Food Science programming, making a special tie blanket for Project Linus, creating tie-dye tiles, learning about clouds and how they make rain, painting and learning about rainbows, glass painting, concocting slime, popcorn flavor guessing while blindfolded, and enjoying pizza parties for completing STRIDE Academy work!

Lastly, we have to give a big shoutout to our very own Miss Stefanie. She has been a very familiar face at our Johnsonville site for a handful of years, and we’re super excited to see her take her leadership skills to the next level as our new Pier Extension Director. Our Club kiddos are so lucky to have her leading the way at Pier. Congratulations Miss Stefanie!







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