Program Highlights – Happy New Year, Welcome to Club!

Hello 2021! We started this brand new year with the excitement of being able to provide even more opportunities (and fun!) for our Club members by adding a daytime program. This program addition has allowed us to serve more youth and fill a gap by providing our families with another option for their children to learn, grow and safely interact with other kids and caring adults throughout the day. During the daytime program, we have been working hard to help keep our Club members on track with their homework. However, we make sure to allow plenty of time for fun activities that also carry over into the afterschool hours at not only our Johnsonville Club, but also our Chegwin, Parkside and Pier Club sites. 

Some of our most memorable activities this month were doing a planet scavenger hunt and marble planet paintings for our “Footprints on the Moon” unit, getting super creative during LEGO Club by designing and building dream cars and dream houses, digging cool snow tunnels outside, and making maracas and carnival masks for our “Journey Around the World” program.

On top of all that awesomeness, we also celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day AND National Popcorn Day! But, our most favorite activity overall is one that has just begun, and will hopefully continue as long as the pandemic keeps us separated from some very special people our Club members truly care about and miss seeing on a regular basis. All of our Club sites are writing pen pal letters to our foster grandparents through the ADVOCAP Foster Grandparent Program. We miss them all so much and the kids can’t wait to get letters in return!

To round out program highlights for January, our teens continue to amaze us by their creative talents! For example…Teen Club member, D’Sean, recently did some artwork with a little bit of Mr. Dan’s (our CEO!) collaboration. Their awesome “Welcome to Club” sign now hangs in our lobby for all kids to see as they walk through our doors every day! We are so proud of the positivity and leadership our teens are bringing into the Club culture and we feel extremely grateful that they choose to spend their time within our walls simply because they enjoy being here. They feel safe, they feel seen, and they feel heard. That means more than anything to us!

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