January 2021 Face of Great Futures

Steven is a 4th grader at Chegwin Elementary School. He likes his teacher and classmates this year, and especially enjoys the fact that he can participate in all the fun Boys & Girls Club programs right at his newly renovated school. When Steven is at Club after school, he can usually be found playing in the gym. His favorite gym activities are basketball, tag and football. Steven shared that he is good at math and science and would like to be an engineer when he grows up, because he really likes to build stuff. That said, it should come as no surprise that one of Steven’s favorite things to do is build with Legos (he has an entire cabinet full of them at home)! He added that the first thing he ever built with his Legos was a big robot. Steven also likes to play video games and his favorite game is Fortnite. 

Steven lives in Fond du Lac with his parents, his 14 year old sister who attends the BGC teen center, 7 year old brother and 3 year old sister. His favorite colors are red and blue, his favorite foods are pizza and tacos, and his all-time favorite movie is “Avengers”. Steven added that if he was a superhero, his superpower would be lightning just like Thor. When asked where he would go on vacation, he stated, “I would go to Ireland, because there are no snakes there!” Steven also shared that he enjoys being outside, especially when he can play in the snow. He enjoys winter because there are no bees that can sting him, but he wishes it wasn’t so cold outside during this season. If there was a way for summer to have snow and no bees, that season would definitely be his favorite!

FUN FACT: Steven participated in our Spell for Great Futures virtual spelling bee back in October, and took home the 2nd place medal! Way to go Steven!!!