If you are interested in becoming a community partner, please call Dan Hebel or Tiffany Heim at 920-924-0530 to request a meeting or further information. You can also contact us here.


When it comes to free enterprise, hard work, and innovation, Johnsonville Sausage and the Stayer Family epitomize these terms. There couldn’t be a better model for our members. When the Boys & Girls Club of Fond du Lac and Fond du Lac Family YMCA decided to join forces to build our collaborative 115,000 square foot facility in the central city of Fond du Lac, Ralph and Shelly Stayer recognized the value of the initiative and got behind the project in a big way. The Johnsonville Boys & Girls Club was born. This unique collaboration is one of a kind, and nonprofit organizations across the country are taking notice of the tremendous financial efficiency and collaborative impact that our partnership is having on our members, their families, and our community.

Johnsonville’s support for our Club has gone far above and beyond bricks and mortar. In 2012, Ralph and Shelly created the Johnsonville Great Futures Fund at the Club to help sustain our previously federally grant funded afterschool programs. The Johnsonville investment allows us to provide our members with the tools that they need to graduate from high school on time ready for college, trade school, military or employment and to become productive, healthy, and engaged citizens. Supporting great futures for the children who need us most is truly the Johnsonville Way!  Learn more about the Johnsonville Sausage at www.johnsonville.com.

At Grande, we believe social responsibility is the understanding that we do not live alone and that, while we may not be able to change the world, we can change the world around us. Establishing deep roots, growing our community presence, and providing stability for Associates are essential to fulfilling everything that Grande stands for and believes. Taking responsibility as good stewards of our business while respecting the rights and resources of our Associates, Producer Dairies, Customers and Communities is a commitment we strive to maintain and improve upon each and every day.

As a company of individuals, Grande Cheese associates work together with common goals, striving for and contributing to: “… the fulfillment of a purpose greater than ourselves.”

Grande has a passion for, and dedication to, helping our communities, and we encourage our Associates to be active members in their communities. Grande provides support through volunteer programs, product donations and financial contributions. For more information, visit www.grande.com.


We live in tightly knit, family-oriented communities, which are reflected in Agnesian HealthCare’s family-like work environment.  And our friends and neighbors are in better health because of this commitment.  Agnesian HealthCare has provided both financial and programmatic support over the last several years.  Most recently, its ministries have contributed to the Boys & Girls Club’s All Kids Initiative and offer the ever-growing and popular “Know & Go” program to educate our youth about healthy habits.

The mission of Agnesian HealthCare provides compassionate care that brings Hope, Health & Wholeness to those they serve by honoring the sacredness and dignity of all persons at every stage of life.  This mission guides everything Agnesian HealthCare does as an organization.  For more information, visit www.agnesian.com.

The Boys & Girls Club and Fond du Lac Family YMCA have a partnership unlike any other in the United States.  Through collaboration on a joint facility, programming, and meeting the needs of the community, the partnership model has proven to be an example of successful community organizations working together, and has been explored by other organizations throughout the country.  We are committed to strengthening our community through programs that nurture the full potential of our youth providing guidance and support to help them lead healthy and enriching lives.

For more information about the FDL Family YMCA, please check out their website at www.fdlymca.org.


In partnership with the Fond du Lac School District and the State of WI Department of Public Instruction, the Boys & Girls Club facilitates three 21st Century Learning Center Grants that support the needs of low income students and schools in the Fond du Lac community. The Club has been fortunate to receive these three, 10 year grant cycles to provide countless academic support services since the first grant was implemented in 2003. For more information on these grants, visit the DPI CLC Grant website.

The Fond du Lac school district has played an integral role in allowing the Boys & Girls Club to become the program that it is today.  In partnership with the FDL District, the Boys & Girls Club has received over $2 million in grant funds that have supported the afterschool programming located at seven Fond du Lac Schools. The School District administrators and Boys & Girls Club Staff are in constant communication about how we can best serve youth and families after school. For more information about the Fond du Lac School District and its programs, please visit www.fonddulac.k12.wi.us.

FDLAF provides foundation dollars to support Boys & Girls Club programming, and is a critical to the upkeep of quality programming for our organization. For more information on Fond du Lac area foundation, visit their website at www.fdlareafoundation.com.

Boys & Girls Club has received generous allocations from United Way to allow us to provide the best programming possible for participating youth. Boys & Girls Club staff members have also volunteered their time to help with United Way special events like the golf outing. For more information about the Fond du Lac Area United Way, please check their website at www.fdlunitedway.org.