October 2020 Face of Great Futures

Juan Pablo (he says most people just call him Pablo!) is 7 years old and currently a 2nd grader at Riverside Elementary School. He loves going to school and really likes his teacher this year. Pablo has been attending the Boys & Girls Club since he started 1st grade and loves spending time in the gym playing catch, soccer and football when he is at Club. Pablo has recently been able to spend a little more quality time with some of our staff members in smaller groups and has become very good at playing games like Connect 4, which he is very proud of! 

Pablo shared that he is one of the “middle kids” in his family which has seven children total! He loves the color red because it looks cool when he draws with it, his favorite food is tacos (he does NOT like mac ‘n cheese!), and his favorite thing to do at home is spend time outside riding his bike. When asked what he would like to be when grows up, Pablo stated that he is not really sure, but he thinks he might want to become a firefighter. If Pablo could go anywhere, he would go to Chicago because “I went there once and the hotel had a couch that had a bed in it and two TVs in the same room!”

Pablo also shared that if he could be any animal in the world, he would be a cheetah “because they run fast like me!” We are so lucky to have Pablo as part of our Boys & Girls Club family, and we are excited to continue to watch him grow!