November 2020 Face of Great Futures

Meet Autumn! She is a very upbeat, happy-go-lucky 1st grader at Pier Elementary. Autumn started attending Club this year because she was finally old enough to become a member! She would like everyone to know that she is 6 years old and has already lost FOUR of her teeth, most recently the two top front ones… so her big smile is even more awesome right now! Autumn loves coming to Club every day because she gets to be with friends and do a lot of really fun activities, like playing “Museum” and making a rainbow in a cup. At home, Autumn has three older sisters, one older brother, one younger brother and two dogs (Biscuit & Uno!) along with her mom and dad. She loves having a big family, and shared that she also has a lot of aunts and cousins to play with!

Autumn was excited to share that a few of her favorite things in the world are unicorns, ice cream cake and caramel popcorn, and her favorite colors are pink, blue and purple. When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she stated “I want to be a doctor! I like to help others, so I also want to be a person who donates money to homeless people.” In her free time outside of the Boys & Girls Club, Autumn enjoys taking trips to Wolf Lake with her family. She loves going anywhere that has beaches, trampolines and sting rays (because she likes their flappy arms!). We are so grateful to have Autumn as part of our BGC family!