May 2021 Face of Great Futures

Shaylah is a 4th grader at Parkside Elementary School. She has been a Club member since the beginning of 3rd grade and she likes coming to the Boys & Girls Club because she just enjoys hanging out with her friends after school. Shaylah lives with her mom and has one older sister, two younger brothers and a baby sister. She also has two guinea pigs named Elsa and Moss.

Shaylah loves joking around with her friends and participating in all Club programs, especially art. Her favorite art project so far was when she got to paint rainbows with homemade watercolor paint. Shaylah shared that although she loves all colors of the rainbow, her very favorite colors are coral and very light green, like pistachio! Shaylah stated that she her favorite subjects in school are literature and science, and she wants to be an astronaut when she grows up. It’s a goal of hers to be one of the first people to go to Mars!

Her favorite things to do are sleep, watch TV and spend time exploring parks. She also really likes swimming, dancing, biking, playing soccer and listening to music from the “Princess & the Frog” soundtrack. Shaylah’s favorite foods are pizza and banana sherbet. If she could go anywhere in the world, Shaylah would choose to visit Tokyo, Japan because she just loves all the different styles of their culture. 

Shaylah stated that if she had three wishes, she would wish to get rid of poverty, to have 20 dogs (pugs to be exact!), and to have an entire library full of books that she would love to read. Shaylah also wanted to share some advice that she thinks is very important. She said, “Even if someone is mean to you, choose to be kind to them.”

FUN FACT:  Shaylah visited both Disneyland and Disney World within a few weeks time, but she was just a year old so doesn’t actually remember any of it. She would LOVE to go back to both places someday! 

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