June 2021 Face of Great Futures

Nevaeh is 17 years old and going into her senior year at Fond du Lac High School this fall. She was a Club member throughout her middle school years at Woodworth but temporarily moved to Chicago when she was a freshman in high school. We’re so happy she has moved back to Fond du Lac and has returned to the Club! Nevaeh enjoys spending time at the Boys & Girls Club and stated that she loves being around all the kids “because they are funny and it’s just like a second home. I feel very comfortable here.

Nevaeh is a wonderful mentor to the younger kids at Club. She never hesitates to get involved and do hands-on activities with them (see photo). Her natural ability to connect with kids is no surprise as she is the oldest child in her family with five younger brothers! Nevaeh’s advice for younger Club youth is to “stay positive and always try to stay on top of your home life” because family is important. 

When asked what she’d like to do after graduating high school next year, Nevaeh stated that she is interested in both cosmetology and nursing. She plans to take CNA classes at the high school this year to get an idea of what it might be like to become an RN, and she will make her decision from there! Nevaeh is currently employed at Culver’s and is a Team Trainer there, which allows her to showcase her incredible leadership skills.

Nevaeh describes herself as a “homebody” who loves to play sports (especially soccer and volleyball) and enjoys getting a lot of sleep. She stated that if she had three wishes, she would wish to be a famous athlete, to be an actress on a TV show, and to be rich.

FUN FACT: Nevaeh was also recently hired to work for our Boys & Girls Club as a part-time substitute, filling in as needed when we are short-staffed. We absolutely love having Nevaeh as part of our Club family and we’re excited to see where her future takes her!