High School Program Celebrates First Graduates

The Be Great: Graduate program is currently in its third year. It has finally reached its first normal year since its inception in 2019. The first two years were nowhere close to normal because of COVID-19. This year has really brought out the best in the program in which things are done. The students who actively participate have voiced how this program has really helped them in school. The BGG room at the high school has become a popular room even for students who are not in the program. With such a calm yet fast-paced atmosphere, it brings in new faces every day. The environment of the room is what the students love the most. It helps them focus and it builds relationships among the students. Students have said that they wouldn’t have made friends with people if it weren’t for the BGG room.

This year we celebrate our first graduates of Be Great: Graduate, Danaiyah Rhodes and Nevaeh Johnson. Danaiyah joined the program as one of the first participants in 2019. Over the years, witnessing her growth has been a real privilege. For her exceptional work over the course of the first two years, she earned herself an iPad as a reminder that hard work does pay off. Now that she is finished with high school, Danaiyah will continue her education at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and will be working towards getting her real estate license. Danaiyah will also continue to work at the Boys & Girls Club while preparing for college.

“Be Great: Graduate program encouraged me to always do better and better, and it gave me strength to be the best version of myself.” – Danaiyah Rhodes

Nevaeh joined the program as a junior in 2021 and was phenomenal. She made so many connections through the program with her bright personality, and it felt like she had been a part of the program forever. Nevaeh has the ability to change the atmosphere of any room with her personality. She will continue her education as she works towards becoming a dental hygienist. She also works at the Boys & Girls Club as one of her three jobs, and plans to work and volunteer around the community as she too gets ready for college.

“Be Great: Graduate program helped me decide what I wanted to do for school after high school as well as the career path I wanted to pursue and the steps I should take to achieve my dreams.” – Nevaeh Johnson

Our Boys & Girls Club is extremely proud of all the hard work these young ladies have put in to become high school graduates and realize all the great things they are capable of. We can’t wait to see how this program continues to grow and evolve as Danaiyah and Nevaeh light the path for so many other students who will follow their lead. For more information about the Be Great: Graduate program, please contact graduation specialist Demond Mettlach at graduation@bgcfdl.org