End of Summer Program Highlights

Thanks to the wonderful support of our community, Club partners, and families, we have been able to carry out another year of safe and successful summer programs serving over 375 youth at two site locations: Johnsonville Boys & Girls Club and Theisen Middle School. Our 10 week summer programs wrapped up on August 20, and while the school year program is quickly approaching, we can’t help but reminisce about all the great memories that were made with our youth this summer. What an absolute BLAST! Here are some highlights from the last few weeks:  

Teen Center

Our teens kicked off the month of August with a set of tours at McNeilus Steel (part of our “Future Manufacturers” program) and Grande Cheese. They had a lot of fun learning about all the new things McNeilus Steel has been up to since our last visit a couple years ago. The company is GROWING and we can’t wait to see what new additions they have to show us next time we visit! The Grande Cheese tour included learning about the company’s mission and culture, playing a few outdoor games, and making a bunch of tasty pizzas. Thank you, McNeilus Steel and Grande Cheese, for these incredible opportunities!

We also received a generous ticket voucher donation from Menominee Nation Arena, allowing a small group of our teens to enjoy a fun afternoon attending a Wisconsin GLO basketball game. What a cool experience it was for them! And in the spirit of giving and community togetherness, we believe it is our duty to not only provide our youth with as many valuable experiences as possible, but also to teach them the importance of giving back. Our Keystone Club held numerous fundraiser this summer, raising around $250 to donate to a charity of their choice in our community. They decided to donate the funds to the Fond du Lac Humane Society, such a great cause! We’re proud of our teens and their desire to give back to their community!

Johnsonville & Theisen Elementary Programs

Our elementary Club members have a little more structure when it comes to their daily schedules, but our awesome program staff always make sure there’s enough time for plenty of fun throughout the day. Club Olympics Week gave our youth the opportunity to experience some friendly competition while learning the importance of sportsmanship and cheering for one another! We competed in Skittle races, scored lots of goals in an “ice hockey” event, participated in a frisbee throwing competition, bowling and “put the flame in the torch!” Everyone wore their favorite sports jerseys, enjoyed some freeze pops to beat the heat, and spent a little time outside playing Drip Drip Drop as well as doing our part to keep our planet Earth clean!

Somewhere in the midst of having fun during Club Olympics Week, we also found time to venture out on a fantastic field trip to Menominee Park in Oshkosh. It could not have been a more beautiful weather day, and all Club members who took the trip explored the park with a smile on their face the entire day. So many laughs and fun memories were made! Next up was Shark Week, which was a HUGE BITE of fun for everyone! Many “Shark snacks” were eaten and a lot Shark art was created, along with Pirates, Root Beer Floats and a Treasure Hunt!!! We topped off the summer with Beach Week, enjoying more water games outside, new books from the Fond du Lac Public Library, beachy arts and crafts, silly faces, crazy dance moves and a movie on the big screen at Theisen. It was such a fun way to end the summer!

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