December 2020 Face of Great Futures

Mariah is 8 years old and currently a 3rd grader at Parkside Elementary School. She is excited about everything she is learning this year, especially all the cool things about the United States, including its rivers and lands. She added that math, social studies and word work are her favorite subjects in school. Mariah has been attending the Boys & Girls Club since she started 1st grade and loves playing games like “Stack Balls” on the computer and drawing when she is at Club; she would really like to try drawing a unicorn. Mariah can also do a cartwheel with just one hand, which she is very proud of! 

Mariah shared that she used to live in Chicago but moved to Fond du Lac and lives with her mom, dad, six year old brother and two year old twin brothers. She loves being a big sister! Her favorite colors are pink and purple, she really likes to eat Doritos, and her very favorite things to do are swim and play basketball. When asked what she would like to be when grows up, Mariah stated “I would like to be professional basketball player, and if I don’t do that, I will be a Club teacher at the Boys & Girls Club!” If Mariah could go anywhere, she would go to Urban Air in Appleton “because it’s super fun!”

Mariah also shared that her favorite animals are snakes, dogs, and cats, and her favorite holiday is Christmas because she enjoys giving and receiving gifts. We are so lucky to have Mariah as part of our Club family, and we are excited to see where her future takes her!