Certified Teachers play Key Role in BGC Summer Program

Fond du Lac School District has been an instrumental part of what our summer program looks like for many years. We are grateful to have 19 certified teachers that dedicate their summer to help our Boys & Girls Club members continue their education all summer long. 

Each day during our summer program, elementary members receive math and literacy academic programming as a part of what the Club offers. The teachers dedicate their time, effort and love of learning each day to our members to help them get ready for the next school year. 

Our Teen Center summer school teacher program offers a unique twist on programming. Our teens are able to participate in “Tours of Fond du Lac” where they visit and learn about a variety of local businesses, visit the library, participate in Career Launch, play chess and engage in a book club. 

What a positive experience Club members have academically during our summer program thanks to these incredible certified teachers who pour into them every single day!