April 2024 Face of Great Futures

Julian is 11 years old and currently a 5th grader at Pier Elementary School. This is Julian’s first year as a Boys & Girls Club member and his favorite thing about coming to Club after school is playing sports in the gym or outside, and participating in Math Hoops. When asked why he thinks kids come to Club, he stated, “Because parents need to work and they want their children to have new experiences.”

Julian lives in Fond du Lac with his dad, “stepmom”, two younger “stepbrothers”, a younger brother, and two younger sisters. He shared that he lived in Lomira and Three Lakes before moving to Fond du Lac, and also has an older half sister. When asked what makes him happy, Julian immediately responded, “My family and friends.” His favorite memory so far in life is when he went deer hunting with his dad and younger brother Liam.

Julian has fun participating in our afterschool program activities with his younger brother Liam, pictured left.

Julian describes himself as “talented at sports”, specifically running, football, basketball, and soccer. He enjoys spending his free time playing all of those sports, as well as playing video games. The best place he’s ever visited is the upside down house in Wisconsin Dells, and if he could go anywhere in the world, he would visit either Puerto Rico or California. Julian’s favorite subject in school is math while his least favorite is writing, his favorite food is pizza (because of the cheese!), and his favorite colors are blue (because of his favorite cousin) and orange (because of his friend in Lomira).

When asked to share something important that he’s learned in life thus far, Julian said, “It’s important to protect family members if they are getting bullied and stuff.” His advice for younger Club kids is to “try to follow people who do the right thing.” If Julian was granted three wishes, he would 1) make it into the NFL when he grows up with the NBA being his back-up plan, 2) not have to worry about both simple and hard things, and 3) LIVE LIFE HAPPY! 

We love being a part of Julian’s journey, and we have no doubt he will achieve GREAT things throughout his life! For more information about our youth programs and how to sign up, visit our Become a Member page!