Teen Staff & Club Members staying connected via Zoom!

Over the past month, we have developed many different ways to continue to engage with our teen center Club members. We’ve posted programs to our interactive Google site and created a virtual calendar of programs we’ve completed online for our kids to have an opportunity to interact with us, mostly via our Instagram page.

Our favority weekly activity has been our Fun Friday Zoom Hangouts because it allows us to touch base and catch up with our teens in real-time! Since the beginning of our COVID-19 shutdown, we’ve held these Zoom meetings weekly, checking in on each other and playing cool online games together like Kahoot and Jeopardy. These meetings have really helped fill the void of our teen staff team’s inability to see the same smiling faces we’ve enjoyed seeing every day after school. We haven’t been able to see all of the teen center members, yet, but we’ve been happy to provide this great resource to all of them and have loved being able to stay in touch during these challenging times.  

The success of these Zoom meetings paired with the positive impact they have had on our teen staff team and teen members has encouraged us to add more Zoom meetings to our program schedule. We have been able to hold “Mindfulness Check-Ins” with Club members on Mondays as well as Tuesday Tutoring sessions with Club members that have asked for academic support. We are so happy to have these opportunities but we also can’t wait to be back at the Club with everyone!