September 2021 Face of Great Futures

Sweetness is 17 years old and has just started her junior year at Fond du Lac High School. She lives in Fond du Lac with her mother and is the third oldest of eight children in her family. Sweetness has been a Boys & Girls Club member since she was a 5th grader at Chegwin Elementary School, and she remembers having a lot of fun at our Chegwin site with Miss Kari and the rest of the staff when she started coming to Club after school. She stated that her favorite thing about Club is just being with her friends and also interacting with the younger Club kids. Sweetness is a natural when it comes to being a great mentor for our younger youth; this is just one of the reasons she was hired to join the Boys & Girls Club team this past summer as a Junior Staff.

Sweetness and another Club staff give a big thumbs up as they proudly work behind the Teen Center snack bar!

Sweetness shared that some of her favorite activities at Club are arts and crafts, the Just Play program, and SMART Girls; she loves participating in any activities that take place in the Club gymnasium and can often be found there. When she is not at Club, Sweetness enjoys attending Fondy sports games such as football and basketball games, and track meets. She has also been playing the baritone since 5th grade and is currently staying busy as a member of the Fond du Lac High School Marching Band.

When asked what her plans are for after she graduates high school, Sweetness stated that she is leaning toward continuing school to pursue a degree in law enforcement and in addition, possibly even a business degree. She would ultimately like to become a police officer with the opportunity to move up to higher positions such as a detective. Sweetness reported that she has also thought of becoming an FBI agent in the future because she is drawn to shows like “Criminal Minds” and the idea of solving crimes is something she is very interested in!

Some fun facts about Sweetness: her favorite color is pink, she loves eating pizza and fries, has traveled to Arizona but she didn’t like how hot the weather was there, and she would love to visit Atlanta, Seattle and Hawaii. If she was given three wishes, they would be: 1) to be tall, 2) to have world peace, and 3) to have endless wishes!

Sweetness describes herself as funny, goofy, patient and nice. And when asked if she has any advice for younger Club, she stated “Be yourself! Don’t change who you are because somebody wants you to. Just be you.” We are so lucky to have Sweetness as part of our Boys & Girls Club family and we are excited to see where her future takes her!

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