Program Highlights – So Many Smiles!

We are well into the school year now, and just thrilled to see more and more smiles back in our buildings as we continue to safely move through this pandemic. The simple joys in life, like seeing smiling faces ready to learn, grow, and have fun, has never felt better!

Here are some highlights from our programs over the past month:

Our Teens did an egg toss challenge that created lots of laughs and resulted in some great team building. Our LEGO Club kids got their domino chain to fall successfully by working together, problem-solving and communicating. And there have been tons of big smiles during Minute to Win It challenges at all of our sites, but it seems to be a favorite at the Chegwin Clubhouse where the staff and kids are always coming up with new ideas to add into the mix! 

Although kids typically have a lot of energy, there are necessary moments of calm, quiet and relaxation. We have been enjoying some comfy reading, utilizing our Cool-Down Corner, and even participated in a Friendship Soup SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Program where our 2nd graders talked about the ingredients of friendship and what it takes to be a good friend!

Practicing gratitude is something we also take very seriously at the Club, so we like to recognize our community supporters and partners as much as possible, especially when they pay their generosity forward to enhance our programming and sometimes even assist with important basic needs. Thank you Dominos Pizza FDL for donating pizza prizes for our Club members on National Pizza Day! And another big thank you to Moraine Park Technical College for their generous donation of mittens and gloves to help keep our Club kids warm this winter!

This time of year, we also like to focus on community service and giving back. Our 1st-3rd grade Pier Club members enjoyed a successful trip to the Historic Galloway House & Village where they had an opportunity to tour the village and help with a service project making ornaments for the upcoming holiday season. Field trips are ALWAYS a highlight for our kiddos, but when they can learn about the history of our community and give back at the same time, that makes it even more wonderful!

Last but certainly not least, we were so happy to be able to bring back our Family Supper Night this year. What an amazing night we had hosting supper for some of our families at each Club site. We love bringing our families together for fun activities, and any time we have a chance to be play an active part in helping them spend some quality time making more memories, sign us up! 

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