July 2021 Face of Great Futures

Carlos is 9 years old and going into 4th grade at St. Peter’s Lutheran School this fall. He lives in Fond du Lac with his mom and dad, and is the youngest of four with three older sisters, one of whom attends the Teen Center. Carlos also has two dogs; a big St. Bernard named “Beethoven” and a little wiener dog named “Canelo”.

This is Carlos’ first summer as a Boys & Girls Club member and he enjoys it because “it’s fun and I get to do a lot of fun stuff!” He added that one of his favorite activities to participate in at Club is art, because he loves to draw. Carlos added that he also looks forward to going to Hamilton park and getting dizzy with his friends when they play on the “spinny thing.”

Carlos shared that when he’s in school, his favorite subject to learn about is history (he is very interested in the Titanic), and he quickly added that he is not a fan of math at all. When asked what he’d like to be when he grows up, Carlos stated that he wants to be a famous YouTube influencer. Carlos also shared that he is currently involved in wrestling and is thinking about trying soccer as well.

In his spare time, Carlos enjoys playing with toys, and dressing up and acting funny; after some chuckling, he added that he has a funny Teletubby costume that he has dressed up with to scare his mom and her friend. Carlos stated that his favorite food is anything Mexican and spicy. His favorite color is green, and if he had three wishes, they would be: 1) to have a new house, 2) to have his big dog “Beethoven” live longer; he’s pretty old and has been sick lately, and 3) to have world peace, stop the viruses and cure cancer.

Carlos shared that he has been to Minnesota and Disney World in Florida, but he doesn’t remember much about those trips because he was about three years old when he traveled there. If he could visit any place in the world, Carlos would go to Tokyo or New York City, because “both of those places are big cities with lots of lights and they just have a lot of cool stuff to see and do.” He added that he would wait to visit NYC, because the city is “practically shut down right now.”

When asked if he has any advice for younger Boys & Girls Club members, Carlos stated that he would tell them “If you want to be a good person, I suggest you work really hard to be the best you can be. And I also want them to know that I was where they are, and I had to work hard to be chosen as the Club’s person of the month. If they work hard, I bet they can do it too!” 

FUN FACT: Carlos shared that his mom works for Holiday Automotive (a huge supporter and partner of the Boys & Girls Club, making a big difference in our community every day!); he added that she is a really hard worker, is great at her job, and he is very proud of her!

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