January 2022 Face of Great Futures

Cora is currently a 5th grader at Evans Elementary and attends our Johnsonville Boys & Girls Club almost every day after school. She shared that she has been a Club member since 1st or 2nd grade and loves participating in the programs because “it’s just fun!” Cora’s favorite thing about Club is hanging out with her friends after school and doing cool activities together. 

Pictured center, Cora helps staff and other Club members with supper by keeping a count of the number of meals served!

Cora lives in Fond du Lac with her mom, dad, older sister, younger brother, and their dog Arlo; she added that she also has a 20 year old brother who lives on his own now. Cora stated that she has been on a vacation to Florida with her family, which is the best thing that has happened in her life so far, other than bringing Arlo into the family! 

Cora describes herself as “really helpful”. She shared that her favorite subject in school is math, and she does not like writing. When asked what she’d like to be when she grows up, Cora stated that she hopes to become an artist. Art and sports are two things she feels she is really good at!

In her free time, Cora enjoys drawing, playing games on her phone, and participating in sports like soccer and volleyball. Cora stated that her favorite food is noodles, because “they just taste good and you can put a bunch of different stuff on them like butter and cheese!” Her favorite color is orange, and if she had three wishes, they would be: 1) to have a second dog, 2) to have the ability to fly, and 3) to gift her last wish to someone who wants or needs it! If Cora could give advice to younger Club kids, she would tell them to “be kind to others.”

For more information about our Club programs or to sign up, visit our Become a Member page!