BGCFDL adds Mental Health Coordinator Position

The Boys & Girls Club of Fond du Lac is committed to providing safe environments and experiences so that all kids can become who they were meant to be. Physical and mental health wellbeing are critical for all young people. In partnership with the Fond du Lac school district, we have added a mental health coordinator position to our organization to ensure that we are serving our youth to the very best of our ability and providing them with all the resources they need.

We are excited to officially announce that Aly Sanders has been hired to fill this brand new position. Sanders, who previously served as our Pier Extension Director, will be able to identify and respond to our youth who are facing mental health challenges and connect them to additional care when necessary. Other areas of focus in her new role will include the facilitation of our social and emotional programming and the training of program staff on basic mental health first aid.   

To start, Sanders will be working with our elementary age youth in our 21st Century Community Learning Center programs located at Chegwin Elementary School and the Johnsonville Club. As the role develops, the goal of the Club is to expand the position to serve all members in our afterschool programs.  

As our community navigates through this pandemic, our youth have experienced a great amount of change and loss, and traumatic experiences have made youth more susceptible to mental health issues. The Boys & Girls Club understands that for young people to succeed in life, they must have a solid foundation of social and emotional skills and that one caring adult can make all the difference in the life of a young person. We are excited to have a professional who will be dedicated to supporting the mental health of the youth in our programs!